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A lot of people enjoy relaxing with a cold drink on the weekends. 

But, trying to maintain your social life and stay on your diet can feel like it’s impossible at times. 

But on a keto diet, if your friends call you up to meet at the bar, you don’t have to pass. 

Just be mindful of what you drink and choose the most carb-friendly options.


Choose a Spirit


Although there are a lot of carbs at the bar, there are significantly less in hard liquor than beer and wine. In fact, several spirits have no carbohydrates. 

If you like taking shots, then you should have no problem if you choose vodka, tequila, or gin. 

Just be careful drinking hard liquor if you’re not used to it. You need to pace yourself until you can gauge your tolerance.

Avoid Beer and Wine

Beer and Wine go through a different fermentation process than liquor. 

Although liquor often has natural sugars, potatoes, fruits, and grains in its recipe, it is turned into ethyl alcohol. 

Beer and wine retain more of the initial carbohydrates from their recipe ingredients. 

If you really want a glass of wine, consider choosing a white wine like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. They typically will have three carbohydrates or less in a serving.

If beer is more your thing and you’re not ready to give it up, there are some IPAs that are low carb. 

You can also always opt for a Michelob Ultra. It also has less than three carbs per serving.

Consider a Hard Seltzer

If you’re nervous about getting too intoxicated drinking liquor, you should consider buying a hard seltzer like Truly or White Claw. 

They contain five percent alcohol per can allowing you to moderate your intake. They also are often available in bars so you can drink them anywhere you go.

Look for Keto-Friendly Drink Recipes

You’re not the only person on a keto diet looking for good drink options. Get creative and look into drink recipes. 

Whether you’re into margaritas, Mai Tais, or Pina Coladas, there is someone out there who has perfected a keto-friendly version. 

Be Prepared for the Next Day

If your body isn’t used to the keto diet and you consume a lot of alcohol, you may react differently. You could get more intoxicated than you did eating carbs. 

Take it slow at first. You don’t want to end up with a terrible hangover.